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Individualized Legal Aid from Personal Injury Law Specialists in Woonsocket, RI


Personal Injury

Phillip Koutsogiane and his team help you explore your options and receive compensation after you experience any kind of auto or workplace accidents.

Estate Planning

Provision for your loved ones' futures when you speak with Phillip Koutsogiane's estate planning team. They offer both financial and administrative services during your time of need.


If you're facing bankruptcy, you deserve counsel from specialists committed to your financial security. Reach out to Phillip Koutsogiane today to discuss your options.

Learn about Phillip Koutsogiane

Treat yourself to legal aid from a team with more than 40 years of experience. Phillip Koutsogiane of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, heads a group of skilled specialists that care about your unique situation. Trust their knowledge of bankruptcy, estate planning, and personal injury law.

Since 1973, Phillip Koutsogiane and his team have made it their personal priority to return calls and emails promptly and never miss deadlines. Phillip is a member of the Rhode Island State Bar Association and a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association.
Contact Phillip Koutsogiane and his legal aid team today to receive personalized
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